LumenVox 14.1.100 Release Webinar

A webinar detailing the changes and enhancements in the LumenVox 14.1.100 software release.

LumenVox is excited to announce Version 14.1.100 that will be available for general release on January 11, 2016.

Asterisk 13, Part 2 of 7

Installing Asterisk 13

In this second of seven videos in our Asterisk + UniMRCP + LumenVox series, we install Asterisk 13, configure some test dialplans for it and run a simple test to verify it is functional and can accept an incoming SIP call.

Asterisk 13, Part 6 of 7

Installing LumenVox Packages

In this video, we will go through and install, license and configure the LumenVox packages for our installation, and run a quick test to verify that everything is installed and working correctly.

TTS Sizing Tool

TTS Sizing Information

These estimates were based on LumenVox version 11.2.100 (64-bit), with MRCP connectivity

LumenVox 12.2 Release

LumenVox version 12.2, scheduled for release on Tuesday, Sept. 2, has a large number of exciting new changes. In particular, the Tuner is getting a major series of improvements, and some cool new changes have been added throughout. From almost to to bottom, we have looked at how we can improve the...

Calculating the Costs and Benefits of Speech Tuning

We've written a lot about speech tuning (for instance: Calculating Speech Recognition Accuracy , Collecting Data for Speech Tuning , Practical Tuning Strategies , and The Importance of Tuning ) because it's such a vital part of building great speech applications. But as much as we might like tuning...

New Article: Building a LumenVox Server

We've posted a new speech article about Delays in the Simple Clients that uses on a common question (Why are there seemingly long times to load/unload the SimpleASR and SimpleTTS clients we provide?) to provide a look at how to best architect a service that makes use of LumenVox speech recognition...