The LumenVox Developer Network has a wide range of resources to help you learn more about speech recognition, text-to-speech software, and related technology.

Training Videos

Our online video library provides self-directed learning for those who prefer to get started on their own. Topics include the basics of speech recognition, how to write grammars, using semantic interpretation, and a lot more.


The LumenVox whitepaper collection is your best source for detailed, highly technical articles.


We also have a number of short articles about speech development that are less in-depth than our whitepapers.


For complete documentation on any of our products, consult the LumenVox Knowledge Base.

Recent Whitepapers

Installing Asterisk 13 with LumenVox

We are often asked by our users how to install and configure Asterisk, UniMRCP and LumenVox together, and we have provided a number of articles and documents describing this process.

Introduction to SSML

The Speech Semantic Markup Language (SSML) offers text-to-speech users a variety of ways to control how the LumenVox TTS pronounces words and phrases. Using SSML, a developer can change voices or languages easily, and specify that a string of numbers be read as a number instead of digits. This whitepaper covers some of the most common ways SSML is used to control TTS pronunciations.

All About Grammars

Describes what a grammar is, the different grammar formats available, and provides several general strategies for building effective grammars such as making use of built-in grammars, shaping prompts to reflect grammars, and keeping grammars as small as possible while still providing good coverage.