English and Spanish

When using English and Spanish, you need to create an English and Spanish prompt files, correct?  We have a customer that implemented both languages and they use SSML tags in their application.  They are testing Spanish and feel they are needing to do the alot more work for Spanish translations which they claim is a very difficult task.  They already modified their application for English and it working well.  

Let me just add a quick note - in our testing of Spanish, which was frankly limited, it just referenced our spanish text file of prompts.

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Speech Recognition based applications are very language specific, since things like syntax and word choice are unqiue in each language.  Recreating an "English" language speech based application is not as simple as just "translating the prompts into Spanish" and substituting "spanish words" in a grammar instead of "english words".  In order to successfully interace with your caller, the prompts needs to be constructed in language and syntax that they will intuitively understand and that will elicit an appropraite (in-grammar) response from them.  Moving an application from one language to another, typcially involves re-writing the prompts and grammars completely (although the call flow may remain the same) and the resulting work needs to be tested with users that truely represent the end-user population for the application (so that you can fine tune the prompts and grammars accordingly, just as you should in any new speech applciation).  You will need someone proficent in the language of the application (such as spanish) to accomplish those tasks.