call progress analysis - cpa support for java


We have a SIP dialer which was developed in Java.

Does Lumenvox CPA support for Java applications?

If not supported any alternate suggestion on how to use Lumenvox CPA in a java application.?

Even if we use the CPA API's (C++) in Java using some wrapper will that work?



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Hi Mahu,

Thanks for your interest in LumenVox.

Your first question is very specific, asking whether LumenVox supports the Java programming language. The simple answer to this is that we cannot possibly support all languages that are in use these days, so we try to limit ourselves to the C/C++ API that we've developed, as well as the MRCP interface, which is largely language independent, since it is a communication protocol.

We have worked with a number of users over the years that have developed applications in a variety of languages, including Java, C#, Visual Basic and others. We do not claim to be experts in all languages, so we do not offer direct support in those languages, however we do know that it is possible to interface with LumenVox using a wide variety of them.

When working with LumenVox, you have two basic choices for interfacing with our products -

  1. using one of our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) - we maintain a C and a C++ API, with the C interface being the easiest to communicate with from other languages. Please refer to references on the Internet that describe how to communicate with a C interface from your chosen language (Java in your case) using some sort of wrappers as you describe. Unfortunately, we are not able to assist at all with this type of programming, since it is beyond the scope of our abilities.
  2. the alternate option for communicating with LumenVox is to use the Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP), which is essentially a network based communication mechanism that can be used to connect to our speech resources from any language that is able to make network connection requests and handle responses. Java, along with most other programming languages, is certainly capable of doing this.

We actually have a whitepaper article that describes some of the differences between API and MRCP connectivity, and describes some of the factors used in deciding which of these modes of communication to select - please see our API or MRCP Integration page, and the pdf document located there. We also have a number of videos in our library here on LVDN that describe this too, such as the MRCP vs API series, or the Speech Application Components video.

Whichever route you choose, we also have a number of articles in our online knowledge base that describe our APIs as well as our Media Server Connectivity, which may help understand how to communicate using MRCP.

If you decide to use MRCP, there are a number of open-source and documented interfaces available on the Internet, such as the UniMRCP, which I believe has beed used with Java, but again, such configurations are beyond the scope of our abilities, but we have worked very successfully with customers utilizing UniMRCP and many other MRCP client interfaces.

I hope this answers your questions. Again, I would like to thank you for your interest in LumenVox products.


Nigel Quinnin