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The next LumenVox release is version 12.1. As we did for version 12.0, we like to preview some of the changes here on the LumenVox Developer Network before its official release:

We've just posted a new article on the LumenVox Command-Line Tools, a set of really useful applications and scripts that many developers may not know about.

Happy 2014 from LumenVox, we hope everyone had a great holiday season. We've been somewhat quiet on LVDN as we've worked on a number of end-of-the-year projects, but we've just published a new article on capturing both DTMF and speech at the same time.

LumenVox version 12.0 is officially available today, which includes a number of interesting changes and enhancements (as we previewed last month).

One of our goals for the LumenVox Developer Network is to improve communications between LumenVox and our developer community, and particularly to allow our developers to help shape the direction of our products. After all, who better to tell us what matters than the people who use the software the most?