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Ed Miller

With all of the speech technology options available today, companies can be overwhelmed by the difficult decisions to be made. Increasingly, end users are looking for help from consultative advisors focused on the strategic aspects of Customer Experience that include the speech-enabled user interface.

As we get ready to kick-off our participation at SpeechTEK, LumenVox has invited Think Tank Partners, an independent consultant, to share their valuable insights on how the implementation of speech recognition technology can financially and qualitatively benefit companies.

Ed Miller

Increasingly, these days, applications are finding their way from traditional premise-based installations into a variety of hosted, cloud-based and even hybrid architectures.

Ed Miller

As our relationship with our partners mature, we find ourselves influenced to create and develop for their needs.  We do not build something in hopes that our partners will buy it.  We listen carefully to those around us and develop to their needs after the proper qualification is secured.  Recently there has been a flurry of activity in Central and South America and especially in Brazil.

Ed Miller

I will be taking time with this Blog to discuss a variety of topics including challenges faced by us and by the market, how we are addressing them and where we are going.  I would also like to know what topics are of interest to you!  I hope this blog is informative, insightful and demonstrates our deep passion for what we do.

LumenVox version 12.2, scheduled for release on Tuesday, Sept. 2, has a large number of exciting new changes. In particular, the Tuner is getting a major series of improvements, and some cool new changes have been added throughout.