Calculating the Costs and Benefits of Speech Tuning

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 - 10:10

We've written a lot about speech tuning (for instance: Calculating Speech Recognition Accuracy, Collecting Data for Speech Tuning, Practical Tuning Strategies, and The Importance of Tuning) because it's such a vital part of building great speech applications.

But as much as we might like tuning because it makes applications better, there's also a real bottom-line value associated with it. In a new whitepaper on we describe the ROI of Speech Tuning, showing how to calculate the return on investment (ROI) of speech tuning.

You can go read the full paper to understand how tuning can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, but we've also put together this infographic to summarize the process:

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Jeff Hopper

Whether through their PC, Smartphone or Digital Assistant devices customers today have embraced the use of speech recognition when seeking simple, quick and straightforward ways to accomplish a task or access information. They expect no less when reaching out to your contact center.

Jeff Hopper

As a foundational component supporting our channel partners and partner-focused business model, LumenVox offers a Partner Skills Certification Program. The Skills Certification process includes a training class and exam. The training provides basic knowledge transfer around LumenVox software and related tools. In the class, we provide partners with an overview and basic principles of how speech recognition and text-to-speech synthesis work...

Brian Pia

In a recent post; the ROI of Speech we discussed ways in which the use of speech recognition technology has changed the face of how companies interact with their customers. Perhaps the most significant benefit realized through the implementation of a speech enabled service solution is the enhanced level of intelligence delivered during the customer interaction. Customers are no longer bound to pushing keys to force fit their call reason into the company’s pre-determined options.